March 23rd, 2002

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Just wondering... I'm pretty sure I saw a post a good while ago (not sure if it was in this or some other lj_*-comm though :P), about making a Mozilla LJ clinet add-on... was that ever actually done, or at least started on? If so, can anyone point me to where it is and/or who's working on it? And if not, can anyone point me to any good tutorials on writing such an add-on, so I might start on it? ^_~
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What started as a project to modify Evan's LogJam GTK LiveJournal client so that it could grab song title names from KDE's media player, Noatun, instead of XMMS, has now turned in to a full-blown QT-based LJ client on my part. Check out the screenshot that I took of it here.

Please note that it's nowhere near pretty enough to release right now, I was just letting you guys know that I'm writing a QT-based client =).