March 26th, 2002

Grand Central

Emailing LJ Entries

Here's an idea for you. I'm really interested in developing this. I want to be able to email my live journal entries in. I have a cell phone that allows me to send emails, so there for i could add entries while on the road. I'm thinking of having a client run on a computer that basically recieves the email then posts it to LJ. However, I'm fairly new to programming windows sockets. I'm farily experience in C++ and VB, but is there anyone who might be willing to help me with this project?
in my arms

working on PHP based client

I was going along just fine witting my client when I stumbled upon something I couldn't find the documentation on. I'm hoping someone can point me to it.

On the postevent documentation where it has prop_name it references the documentation on the properties but gives no links. "Set an arbitrary (but restricted) meta-data property to this log item. See the document on properties for the discussion of them and the list of valid names. You may send zero or more keys like this, one for each property you're setting."
What I'm looking for is the list of properties. I was able to figure out a few from looking at the source code on the web based update page, but I cannot find a complete list anywhere in the developers area, FA, or help sections.
If someone could point me in the right direction or give me a list of properties I'd be much obliged.