March 27th, 2002

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how can I retrieve all of a user's interests, possibly edit some or all of them and send the updated information back to lj? this, from the perspective of a feature in a client.


I'm trying something as simple as...

mode=login&user=jingoro&password= . . .

And it keeps telling me Invalid Password. (I've checked that I'm using my correct password a dozen times) Any clues? Must we use hpassword now?

Rumor is there are other protocols than /flat . . . any truth to this? If so, they aren't documented in the developer's area.

Thank you.

Problem solved. I should not send a CRLF pair following the password. Thought I'd tried that, but just tried it again and got some success! Thanks all who put up with me.

Unclear Documentation

The documentation for 'login' isn't very clear on the format for the hpassword entry. I've just verified independently that you can pass the MD5 hash as a string of hexadecimal digits, rather than %xx encoded character-bytes. Hence:


Just thought that might help someone someday. I had to use trial and error to figure it out.