April 22nd, 2002


gnome-2.0 / drivel-0.7

to copy/paste directly from the changelog...

04.22.02 - drivel 0.7.0
~ the dirt chamber release ~

* three big network improvements:
1) write function now loops until all data has been sent
2) dns lookup is now done asynchronously. this makes
drivel's networking code fully non-blocking (and fast!).
3) default to the fast servers for all logins
* added "edit->select all" menu item
* added "insert->link" menu item
* added "insert->image" menu item
* added "edit->clear" menu item to erase an entry-in-progress
* fixed several irritating bugs in the network error code
* cleaned up some conflicting mnemonics
* grey the "OK" button on dialogs which require input
until the user enters valid input
* prevent the preferences dialog from closing if the user
has left the server or proxy addresses blank
* fixed a start-up crash that occured when a user had access
to several shared journals
* hitting a ctl-code now forwards the cursor out of the html tag
if the cursor is currently within a set (i.e hit ctl-b, type
some bold text, hit ctl-b again, type some regular text)
* misc. changes to bring drivel into compliance with the gnome 2.0
human-computer interface guidelines
* added a "sign up" button to the login window
* added help->"what's a livejournal?" menu item
* improved the login splash image

anyone who had problems with previous releases is stongly encouraged to upgrade. anyone who loved previous releases is strongly encouraged to upgrade. anyone who never has and never wants to try drivel is strongly encouraged to upgrade. anyone who wants to blast my grammer and clue me in to the fact that you can't upgrade from nothing is strongly encouraged to upgrade. gah am i ever tired!

oh yes, i almost forgot--

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Friends Group Sortorder

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but what exactly is sortorder used for in friends groups? Is it just a way of ordering them in the correct way (i.e., group x should be above group y)? Or is there some other use I'm missing?

The reason I ask is because of the allowmask property on postevent. I'm assuming that the order of bits that get turned on is the same as the sortorder? (For example: Two groups -- X and Y. X has a sortorder of 5, Y has a sortorder of 10. If I'm trying to post only to group Y, then I'd set the third bit, correct?)

Thanks in advance. :-)