May 3rd, 2002


drivel 0.8.0 ~ "Now with 30% Less Suck! (TM)"

for everyone who just *had* to go and download gnome-2's garnome preview 6, now you can have an ultra-cool (sort of, at least) lj client to go with it. yes indeed, drivel 0.8.0 is out and ready to compile. check it out at

from the changelog:

05.03.02 - drivel 0.8.0
~ the first glimpse of freedom release ~

* changed "insert" menu to "format" and added commands for
formating text
* interface improvemnts for cut/copy/paste
* added history calendar
* i can not believe i released this with "receiving" spelt wrong :)
* fixed network timeout/channel-closed errors
* network optimizations--net transactions should never, ever block
now (this time for real)
* check for invalid username characters
* modality fixes
* implemented autosave
* allow users to cancel network transactions
* add ability to get current music from xmms