May 10th, 2002

Andrei in the office

A clarification

As was validated to my initial query, one can obtain a list of user picture keywords in the login protocol thru the returned values in pickw_count/pickw_n. Further, one can get the URL's to the pictures associated with these keywords from the returned values (in the same protocol call) in pickwurl_count/pickwurl_n.

The question that stands is: Is there a protocol that will help me know which of these keyword/picture pairs is assigned automatically when a postevent protocol is done with a prop_picture_keyword=Default included in the request?

For example, if I show all the user chosen picture keywords, I wish to highlight the keyword that is default rather than (or as well as) include the word Default with the list obtained.


my entry to the client ring


i wrote a perl client, cj, that uses Curses::UI (ncurses). it has a builtin editor, handles moods, user pictures, shared journals, etc pretty well. it should be fairly intuitive to operate. on first run it will create a rc file mode 0600 which will store login information. you will want the server to be '' and port '80' unless you use some other livejounral-like service.

it requires at least v0.71 of Curses::UI. it and the client can be found at

it started as a rewrite of a non-curses client and then implimented cursres. i ended up doing it in two stages so if you read the code you will probably see two slightly different styles. that is where i had a epiphany and tried to make things more efficient.

have fun! if you enjoy it, i'd like to hear some feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.