May 14th, 2002

Suave Adam
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Hey! My name is Adam (I just joined this community). I'd like to create a LiveJournal client, but my knowledge & understanding of programming languages is rather limited.
Over this past semester I designed & developed a professional website for the music department at my school (I'm a music major), which you can see by clicking here. It's still under quite a bit of construction, but it might give you (if you're curious) an idea of what I'm capable of. I created several javascripts for the site, as well as linking css, and a slew of other components. I hard-coded the site (no shortcut programs here), so you can see what's going on, structurally-speaking.

So, as I was saying... although I kind-of have a semi-basic (no pun intended) framework of understand for programming languages, my official/not self taught training is lacking. Can anyone recommend a good starting point for me? I've read bits & pieces of the database schema, the LiveJournal server code, and the section on writing your own client...but, again, I know I'm not understanding things as in depth as I can be (that's kinda awkwardly put, but whatever).

So my questions are: Where should I start? Is it possible to start & finish the entire program by the end of the summer? If so, how labor/time intensive is it going to be (still gotta earn some cash for school)? And anything else you can think of that would help is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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