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May 26th, 2002 - LiveJournal Client Discussions — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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May 26th, 2002

Server Versions? [May. 26th, 2002|06:31 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


Does anyone have or know of a list of changes that LiveJournal has undergone since...whenever? I'm referring to just changes with the client interface. For example, an older version of LiveJournal used /cgi-bin/log.cgi, then there was (is) /interface/flat, and now XML-RPC. Et cetera. I'm trying to support all versions with LochJournal, but I really need to know what's out there.

Also, does anyone have a link to the XML-RPC interface thing? I forgot it again. :P

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