June 7th, 2002


new version of perl curses client


there is another release of my perl curses client. this one appears to do client-server post syncronization correctly. at least as best i can tell from the documentation provided. there are a few problems with it that i haven't gotten to correcting, but for the most part it is functional. it is accessable as a menu option.

the logs are stored in $HOME/.cj.archive/lj_user/.items and sym links are created in $HOME/.cj.archive/lj_user/YYYY/MM/DD/item.time for a more human readable archive. future vresions will take a command line argv of a archive entry and allow you to edit old entries. in addition, a calendar view will be available and a last n entry edit window.

additionaly moods are stored in the local .cjrc file. if people have a interest in the event archiving, i can pull that code out and make a stand alone non-curses utility. the rc file has a header= and a footer= setting. set this to a string that will be pre or appended to the message post.

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