June 24th, 2002



is there any mode that i'm just obvlious to that you can use to comment to something? right now it doesn't appear that all of the necessary items are given in the server generated email sent when someone comments on something of yours.

to overcome this problem, i just send the relevant data to /talkpost.bml to get the rest of what i need, and then immediately send to /talkpost_do.bml

this isn't pretty, but it works. what do i need to do to start the ball rolling on getting some sort of reply-to mode? also, if anyone is curious about my implementation or my client, go to cowjournal.


Envisioning the Downloads Page of the Future

The Downloads page, where everyone goes for his or her client needs, has remained in its current form for far too long. Back in October 2001, evan rewrote the Downloads page in a mesh of Perl, HTML, and BML; before that it had been a simple HTML file along with a little BML. Since then, there have only been minor updates to the page, mainly to add new clients and platforms. As I'm sure all of you have noticed, the page certainly could be better than it is now, given the growth of LiveJournal and the flood of new clients that have arisen.

Why should you care about the Downloads page? Well, if you are a client author, you want users to be able to find your program with ease. The easier it is for a user to find a given client, the more users will choose to use a client (preferably yours, of course) over the Web interface. If you are one of the precious few who administer the site, getting people to use clients is important--it translates to fewer hits to the Web and image servers, and, depending on the client, keeps people from obsessively reloading their friends page for lack of anything better to do.

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