July 15th, 2002

Hair Cut

Support for other Journal sites...

So far, I have found the following LiveJournal codebase sites.
Does anyone know of any others?

I will update this list if anyone tells me of any others. There are some others that I have been informed about, but they either have an extremely small or non-existent userbase, or they are test development sites... so I will not add them for the moment.

Thanks in advance! :-)

(Please don't suggest parajournal.com, as it's gone down.)
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Protocol\Packet question, (for C, C++ on Linux)

Hello all i'm trying to get this protocol thing down, but have a question i can't seem to asnwere. It deals with using different modes, and when using different ones is the returned packet structure the same across the board ? (minus some specific values valid to say, "login", or "getfriends"). I've been trying to use the "getfriends" mode with no luck. I've tried : sprintf(getfriends,"(all other info included, as well as size\length) mode=getfriends&name=%s&password=%s", ljName, ljPass); then just sending it to the already open connection. But /if/ i get a response it's not the one described in the "Modes" docs. I'm using C, but C++ code is just fine if you can help. Thanks in advance.. ....Frank M....
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