July 16th, 2002

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xmlrpc is too hard to program in. parsing the results is just too hard in .NET . screw it i'm switching to flat. >:o

i'll just start from scratch. it'll be easier.

goal: working pure GUI C# client with friends group support, system tray alerts, downloading of journals, MDI interface, multiple journal support. Inbuilt browser for LJ (internal hook into IE, 20 lines of code).

This last part is a little ambitious, and depends on whether the invite code system stays in place. I want to write a hook for IIS that allows you to set users and passwords to view the downloaded entries. So you don't have to make a new account, using up a precious invite code, creating a journal they'll never use, just so they can read your protected entries.

Stage 1 should be done within a month. I have a month before I go back for my 2nd year of undergrad. It'll all be released under the GPL, since I'm using a few GPL components.

Comments? Suggestions? Ideas?

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tapjam wap client updated


I've added mood and basic security support (e.g. public/private/friends only - no friends group support at this time, however). I've only been able to test it off of an emulator, as my phone is currently out on loan.

Feedback, as always, is welcome!

(The source for the library used will probably be put up shortly - it's still more incomplete than i'd like)