August 28th, 2002

who the fuck is todd?

LiveJournal Client Support

Calling all client authors!

I was going to email everyone with a client listed on the Client Download page, but several of you don't have email addresses listed, and I figured that contacting everyone via a lj_clients entry would probably work better.

We've just made a change to how the support board handles client support. Previously, we had categories for three of the clients available for download; now we have one support category that will handle all clients. We want to make sure that any user that comes to us with a client-related question gets a knowledgable answer.

I'm temporarily serving as the administrator of the Clients category, and am pulling together files on the available clients. To that extent, I'd like to ask anyone who has a client currently listed on the download page to take just a few moments and provide what information you can. You can either post it as a comment, or email it to me (rahaeli@livejournal will do).

Please note that you don't have to take advantage of the support board. Many of you are currently doing your own support, in your client communities or via email; if you'd prefer to keep doing things that way, that's of course an option! If you'd like to start referring basic troubleshooting or feature questions to the support board, though, the support volunteers would be happy to help you out.

Until I hear from you, we'll continue to refer users who have questions regarding your client to you directly. If you'd like us to start answering questions regarding your client, please contact me with the following information:
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