September 9th, 2002

syncitems & getevents correlation

I don't normally think of myself as one being dense, however im at a loss as to understand the correllation between the syncitems protocol mode and getevents.

As far as I can tell, syncitems is only really useful for figuring out how many events there are to be synced, and what type each event is, other than that there is really no reason you need to perform a syncitems before performing a getevents.

As far as getevents goes, I just need to pass into it the same lastsync time as i would pass to syncitems to retrieve all the items since the last sync? is this correct?

Im not quite sure why the protocol docs say "use this (selecttype=lastsync) in conjunction with the syncitems protocol mode". Is it saying this just to make sure that the amount of items returned by syncitems = the amount of items returned by getevents? why is it important to match the 2 of them up? surely the "server knows best" hehe


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