September 29th, 2002

Query & suggestion for a new cilent


I've been thinking about this for sometime & I can't find anything that resemables what I've been looking for & was wondering if you guys can help.
What I think will be great is a email to journal converter.

You send an email to an email address, say
the subject line of the email will be your journal subject title,
the first 2 lines of the email will provide the server with the login info, eg

user: test
pass: test

then your journal posting.

this has the advantage of turning all the email clients out there into livejournal cilents. Also, on OSes where there are no LJ clients, any email program will do fine which is great for PDAs & the new breed of cellphones. On top of that, we'll be able to use all the email cilents out there along with their spellchecks & features.

does this sort of converter exists? I'm sure it can be done with some cgi magic!


PS Sorry i'm not a coder at all or i would have done it myself.