October 28th, 2002

  • benzado

LJKit 0.9.1

I just know the iJournal guys are going to love this...

I have just completed a usable version of LJKit. This is a collection of Objective-C classes which encapsulate the functionality of the LiveJournal client-server protocol. This means that you can write your own LiveJournal client for Mac OS X without having to fuss with sockets, URL encoded strings, etc. For example, to implement checkfriends protocol mode support you merely have to register to receive some notifications and then invoke [account startCheckingFriends].

I've put up a webpage. You can download the source code to LJKit and SimpleJournal (an example client). There is a screenshot of SimpleJournal on the web page. You can also download a compiled version of SimpleJournal and browse the framework documentation online.

I impatiently await your feedback.