November 16th, 2002

terminator - cameron, AS - cameron

SMS to lj

I had an idea yesterday for a program that would take a SMS message and turn it into a live journal entry.

What I am planning is on having a website where people register their mobile number and a livejournal username and password associated with it. Then they can post simply by sending a SMS in the format of "livejournal blah blah blah". The message would be passed along to a PHP script would then process the entry and contact the live journal server to post.

The SMS side of things is simple to do, thanks to a SMS gateway provided by my employer. But I've never used PHP before (started learning it last night, doesn't seem too difficult) and I've never written anything to communicate via HTTP before.

If anyone could point me in the direction of some sample PHP code, preferably a livejournal client in PHP, that would great. I also need information on the hashing scheme used by livejournal so I am not storing the passwords in plain text.

Also comments and any immediate problems you see with this scheme would be very appreciated.