January 29th, 2003

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Are there any email gateways for LJ, where you send mail to an address and it ends up in your LJ? I'm working on one now and have a rough prototype up. If anyone wants to use it, you're welcome to; but you do have to submit your password in the body of an email -- it was the most secure way I could think of.

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Charm 1.3.0 released

I've just released Charm 1.3.0. If you're looking for a console-based, all-text client that's still full-featured, check it out. It's written in Python, so it's cross-platform; in particular, however, it's part of most Linux distributions, so while it's not as commonplace a language as perl, chances are that you've probably got in on your Linux box.

Of particular note in this version are four new features:

  • Charm now has a "quick" mode, where you can post entirely from the command line, rather than going through the menu tree. Thus, you can use Charm as a filter to pipe things into, whether it's the output of Jive or using it as a backend for a mail-to-LiveJournal gateway.

  • Charm now has a mass-archival mode, that downloads and saves your journal posts between a specified pair of dates.

  • Charm's friend-checking modes now supports checking specific friend groups.

  • Config files can include other config files, so making multiple profiles for posting to non-LiveJournal sites is easier.

You can get Charm, more documentation, and the detailed list of changes from the Charm home page.

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JLJ 2.5 is out!

I just put the finishing touches on JLJ version 2.5. Here's what's new from 2.4:
  • -e? command line options for creating your 'event'
  • -s to autoSend the post without it asking if you want it sent
  • -ne to disable the editor (use this with the -e? options)
  • -vc to check if there is a new version available (it also does this after every post)
  • Lines with ": " now work properly
  • compensation for the server's "Database Lock" bug put in place
  • removed stray debug messages and printfs. (oops.)
  • rewrote the autolinker to be nicer. URLS must start the line, and be the entire line now.
Many thanks to all of you for finding the bugs! I really do honestly appreciate it! You can snag it here:

What's next? ;)

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