February 10th, 2003

Hair Cut


I notice that you cannot post an entry in a community or shared journal with the backdate option set.

I also notice that non-backdated entries in your own journal with a date/time earlier than the most recent entry fail.

Can I then assume that all entries in communities and shared journals with a date/time earlier than the most recent entry in that journal will not fail?
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LJ MMS Moblogging Client update

Well, after today's round of coding and the resulting message posts, I think it's now safe to say that I have produced what I am happy to call stable alpha code. There are still some issues to be dealt with before I push for a public beta, but these aren't core functionality.

So what do we have now? I've produced a standalone application that will process a queue of MMS messages held in a POP3 mail box, posting images onto FTP space, then constructing an LJ postevent message containing the MMS message's text and the image URI. The application will then delete the message from the POP3 mailbox. All to the good, you may say. It's certainly the core functionality that I promised. It'll then work on other messages that it finds in the mailbox in order.

What it doesn't do yet is perhaps more significant. At this juncture it isn't capable of distinguishing between messages from more than one user, nor is it able to operate as a scanner - the whole process is manually triggered by clicking buttons on a standard Windows form. What's actually needed is an application that once started, scans the mailbox at regular intervals, posting up messages that it finds, while logging its actions.

I'm also a tad uncertain about the application's flow. Currently mailbox scans are triggered by the LJ posting code. I'm seriously considering switching that to triggering posts from mailbox scans. It would make more sense as I move to multiple user support, and just feels a little neater. And at least, the OO appraoch I've taken to development will make it relatively easy to change those aspects of program flow.

Now that the core application is working, I'm going to pull back on development for a bit - especially as I have a column to write and a large web application to web stress test, and then I'm off on holiday to the US. Normal service will be resumed shortly!
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