March 21st, 2003

Full Throttle Freedom

Adding Mode to server response.

I am currently writing a client for LJ in ruby for the heck of learning and more experience of following specs. At the moment I am simply working on the inner core and forgetting about the user interface side of things.

One thing that has come up from testing so far is that the server responses do not include the mode they are for. This would be very useful for determining what should parse the response and would prevent the need to possibly parse the response straight away.

My plan is have a request queue and a response queue and do it that when a response is get from the server it is passed to a method of the Request object (i.e LoginRequest) which will spit out a "proper" response object i.e. LoginResponse or GetFriendsResponse which will then be plopped into the queue to be dealt with at some point.

Does anyone else think a mode entry in the server response would be helpful?

Statistics on LJ usage

Does anyone have usage stats of LJ?

I'm considering the data storage structures and would like to know the average use cases and the extremes. The simple things such as the highest number of entries for a user, average number of entries for a user per year, would help me greatly in deciding.

I looked around the FAQs and searhced Google but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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I'm working on a C# client, but in .Net, I can't find a single way to send an HTTP request without using SOAP. Does anyone know which object to use for this? Normally the I can find what I need in the documentation, but the help isn't helping this time.