April 25th, 2003

  • lxsli

Ruby LJ clients

There was a thread which digressed into this earlier, which linked to a chap's Ruby client. It has a GUI, but to be frank, was a bit of a mess.

I've created a very simple API for sending LJ requests, which you can download from my website: http://lxs.sdf-eu.org/stuff.php

Basically you require 'lj', create an Lj::Lj with your username/password (currently sent plaintext but I'm sure someone can correct that) and issue lots of sends.

result_hash = send('mode' => 'editevent', ...)

I've written two programs which use it - one to remove all entries from your journal, another to post entries (or do a mass import from my hacked-up journal format). If anyone wants them, mail me and I'll put them on my stuff page.
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