October 17th, 2003


Another new member...

Hello all, just an introduction, as requested... I have had friends on LJ for quite a while now, just never got around to setting up an account for myself until today. I would love to be of some assistance in the client development area, and am looking at developing a LJ client plugin for trillian. I program for a living, mainly in VB.Net/C#, but with quite a bit of java and vb6 thrown in, and even some C++... hobbies are mainly InfoSec and reading...
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Hello to you all.

I have just made a release for my Java-based LJ client aimed at archival in XML. I still need to implement delete and edit capabilities, but as of now it is quite functional. It archives posts by month, so you'll have folders of different years, and Month.xml files in each. I.E. 2003/October.xml. Soon I'll add functionality for making posts friends only/private. LJArchive uses ranges for archival, so you can archive all posts, or specific ones by EventID (like "1-9, 42, 60-90")

Since it's Java, I'm quite sure it's multi-platform. I've tested it on many Windows platforms as well as Slackware Linux running at home. There are still bugs, I'm sure.

Please help test this! Eventually (using SWT) I'd like to build a GUI and make it pretty. For right now it's text-based.

If you're interested: Click here. For a feature list, visit my journal here.