December 19th, 2003

birthday pic

Client done, posted for download

There are a few things that still need changing, but the basic functionality is there(ignore the picture menu on the bottom, that feature isn't implemented yet).

What it can do:
Post an entry.
Attach mood and music information.
Post to any community you have access to.
Set security levels for your post.

Thats it for now. The name is going to be changed as soon as I come up with a better one, the current one is the name I chose to focus development, but it has to change to avoid trademark issues.

Need to do some work on the GUI. It sucks, I know, but I was more concerned with getting the functionality right than making it pretty. Also need to find out if any of the combo boxes for Perl/Tk on CPAN have GPL compatible licenses, if so I'm replacing the dropdown menus.

Other than the userpic feature, what other client functions should I most focus on implementing for version 2.0?

Testing on OSX and *nix's of all stripes would be appreciated- it works great on WinXP, but thats all I have access to right now for testing.

Download my client here