December 21st, 2003

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I wrote a client for LJ named journalAgent. It plugs into IE just like the google toolbar does. It has some other features as well. You can read about it @ the website..

Check it out here


There's also a community which you can leave comments. It's journalagent


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flat vs XML-RPC

LJKit presently uses the flat interface of the client server protocol. Since it was written there are new tools available that have caused me to consider using the XML-RPC interface instead.

Can anyone think of a compelling reason why I should or should not make the switch?
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LJSM: Livejournal backup tool


I've written Livejournal backup tool, LJSM.
It saves posts with comments, memories and graphics of any user. Converts relative links to absolute. Creates contents page, supports http proxy.

There are two companion tools:
ljpms -- script for batch posts manipulation
allin1 -- script for joining posts downloaded by ljsm into one file in reverse chronological order