January 14th, 2004


n00b XML-RPC Question

Yo, asked this on lj_dev, but no dice for what I was looking for; told to ask here.


Where do I point my XML-RPC post to? I got the header info fine, but do I actually send the, let's say, login post to?

I was using:

http://www.livejournal.com/interface/xmlrpc HTTP/1.0

Now, I know how the header looks for, but basically, Flash is looking for WHERE to send the XML message TO. Like, when you submit a web page via POST, you point to the URL in the post form tag attribute... in Flash for it's XML object, it's the same thing.

I tried the above URL; naturally, interface/xmlrpc won't work as since Flash is a client based technology, it's running on my desktop or my web site, so has to have a full path.

I tried also:


...still no dice.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!

postevent clarification

I am little confused by 'postevent' method description in XML-RPC protocol. Particularly I am not sure I am interpreting correctly 'props' element structure.

My interpretation (please correct me if I am wrong) is that 'props' is array of structures. Each structure can have elements, where element name is same as property you want to set and element value is this property value.

What I do not understand, is why there is an array of such structures? What is wrong with putting all properties in one structure?

LJ Book with pictures

Once again, I need some beta testers...

LJBook creates a PDF Document from your last year entries.
This time pictures are included (except link to pictures in tables).

It consumes lots of bandwidth, so please test it only if you have 30 minutes for reading the result and giving a detailed feedback!


If you have tons of links to pictures in your journal (each ~1Mb), please DON'T use it. (The site is hosted on a DSL 128k Line)

Things not implemented: HTML in subject, too complex TABLEs, complex DIVs, ...