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February 17th, 2004 - LiveJournal Client Discussions — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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February 17th, 2004

Chronicle Client Update Now Available [Feb. 17th, 2004|11:29 am]
LiveJournal Client Discussions



There is an update to Chronicle available. Main enhancement is image support, but there are others as well. You can download it from the Chronicle website.

For those who have forgotten, Chronicle is a really cool LiveJournal client that works a lot more like a word processor than typing in a web page. It lets you easily insert links, friends, images and more.

This is still a beta, but it's running pretty solidly for me, and I rarely use the webpage (or another client!) to do entries anymore. It doesn't have a lot of the advanced features of other clients (friends management and so on), but that's on the to-do list.

Feedback is welcomed at thechronicleclient community, or in my own journal.

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