March 22nd, 2004

Keeping logged in (cookies?)

I'm writing a Livejournal client as a way to evaluate cross-platform wxWidgets support in Python (would use PyQt if it weren't for the stupid Windows licensing issues).

I've managed to get logged in (even through a proxy) and retrieve a communities list (docs say "shared journal" or "friend groups"?) and wrapped a MDI GUI around it, done login error handling, welcome message etc.

I'm using the flat protocol at the moment, as after years of using XML-RPC as a Web Developer, I've decided it's pretty pointless for small amounts of data (and hey, it's too much of a buzzword for me!)

Now, I'm just about to start on the getfriends mode, but see that you've got to pass username and password with each mode.

As I don't want to have a login process (with error checking etc.) with each mode, is there a way you can stay logged in? I noticed in the HTTP headers we're getting a cookie back, how do we pass this back to LJ?