June 9th, 2004

script or program to download images from a community?

Is there a script or program to download all images posted recently in a community?

Ideally it would categorize them at least by the poster's username, possibly using folder names.

I made an attempt to just use wget for this, but it doesn't seem that wget's combination of features handles the livejournal site design (for this purpose).

Thanks :)

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May be of interest to those who use moblog like sites, and syndicate them to LJ via rss. I’ve written a script that will skip the middleman, and just post the thing directly to LJ, placing the image in a convenient web server nearby, and posting an img tag to that image to LJ. Also good if you don't trust, or want to have to trust the third party, as I've heard unpleasant things about some of them, most notably textamerica.

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