July 23rd, 2004

  • bizorg

BizOrg 1.16 + LiveJournal Plug-in

Hi All.

21 July 2004 BizOrg ver 1.16 has been released.

What's new:
[!] New amazing and improved user interface. More space for productive work.
[+] Added saving and restoring columns widths
[+] Added contact's notes
[+] Added Toolbar's Tooltips
[*] ABC Toolbar works properly
[-] Fixed some cosmetics bugs

Here http://www.bizon.org/bizorg/lg.htm you can find user manual "How to install LJ plug-in"

Best regards,
The BizOrg's Team
Sent via BizOrg v1.16

PPCDJ client version 1.1.1-alpha

I've done some quick edits to my 1.1.0-alpha to make it more open-source-friendly. New features include a new encrypting method and a bug fix (the Exit button on the Login window). Also new is the PPCDJ EncDec 1.0 program. Non-PPCDJ users can use this program to encrypt or decrypt messages (or for anything, really).

I've created a SourceForge project for this program; you can find it at: http://ppcdj.sourceforge.net