July 24th, 2004

tiger eye

Cookie generaton and handling

I'm playing with the source code of LJ.NET these days. I noticed that every communication with the LJ server uses cleartext auth, which isn't the best thing in the world. I'd like to switch over to cookie-based auth, but I'm having a problem.

From what I read of the API spec, any successful login should set an ljsession cookie - which defaults to a session cookie which is erased once the browser (or client) is closed. In C#, I can keep that as a static var that I can use for all the communication requests, no problem. The only problem is that I'm never getting that cookie. My login works fine, but the only cookie I receive after a successful login is ljuniq.

Am I doing something wrong? If anybody can help me on this one, I'd be mighty thankful.
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LiveJournalXP pre-alpha preview released

Today I have released a pre-alpha preview of LiveJournalXP on the projects GotDotNet Workspace.

This release is intended as a limited preview release and is by no means feature complete. It is released without warranty of any kind and unsupported.

That said I hope you enjoy it and your feedback is welcomed.

To install: Simply unzip all the files into a directory and run LiveJournalXP.exe.

There is also a LJ Community for the project at ljxp.
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