July 26th, 2004


Suddenly I realized something was wrong...

I am stuck... Am working slowly but surely on my plan to interface livejournal with my website via php, and I suddenly realized that the xmlrpc method needs to be told who the viewer is... as of now, it only posts the most recent journal entry on my site: http://digitalsneeze.com/forums/ffb_ljsetup.php?uid=2 and it completely does not check if the reader is authorized to do so... that means if my last post is private, anyone can see it, but what i realize the only method around this is that when a user logs in to my site, it also logs in to livejournal, meaning it needs access to existing livejournal cookies and the ability to make new ones if i need to... Am I mistaken here? and if not, what do i do? Let me know what you guys think...

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PPCDJ client version 1.2.0-alpha

I've released version 1.2.0-alpha of my PPCDJ Pocket PC journal client! New features include:

* View and edit friends
* Friend color demos
* Multiple journals
* Multiple usernames
* Common journal server list
* Calendar for date selection
* Removed references to DeadJournal
* Sort offline entries (oldest to newest)
* Bug fixes:
* When closing a window early, an exception was thrown
* In Edit, viewing entries by day showed only one day
* Reject blank passwords when posting or editing
* Viewing entries with no subject showed other entries' subjects
* Cleaner source code with code explanations
* HTML readme file

Cool stuff! PPCDJ SourceForge site: http://ppcdj.sourceforge.net