September 15th, 2004

  • djsgc

(no subject)

Not sure if this the right place to post this request...

This is what I want to do;

Pull the data that shows how many posts, comments, date journal started, last journal entry etc.

Then be able to pull data for everyone on my friends list.

Insert into some kind of graph so I can see highest number of posts comments, oldest journal, redundant journals etc.


Make it useable by some of my LJ friends

The way I think it may be done;

Pull data *somehow* so it can be written into a html file *or similar*

Analyse data using some kind of web log analyser *or similar*

Now I am sure this has already been done, I want to do this firstly for my idle curiosity and secondly as if I can do this then

a> I learn something new

b> I can use my new found knowledge for other data etc

I don't want someone to *tell* me how to do this, just some good advice, starting points, similar code/scripts.

Any advice would be really helpful!