October 21st, 2004

  • pbay

Blogger interface & documentation

Hi everyone,

First off, I'm writing a Macromedia Flash-based client for Live Journal. It will come in online (through browser) and offline versions (PC and Mac binaries). It's intended for public use. I've already finished the communications portion using XML/RPC calls, but I would like to ask if anyone has successfully used the blogger interface? For example, I tried unsuccessfully to use the 'getPost' method to retreive a message. the 'postid' value simply didn't seem to be acceptable. 'itemid', 'anum', and (itemid*256)+anum were all invalid. I was using the 'interface/blogger' path so I don't think that was the problem.

Some comments thus far

The documentation is a little difficult to understand...

"[scalar](required) If this setting is set to true (1), then no subjects are returned, and the events are actually subjects if they exist, or if not, then they're the real events. This is useful when clients display history and need to give the user something to double-click. The subject is shorter and often more informative, so it'd be best to download only this."

If any of you are struggling with this, what they mean to say is that true (1) will return just the subject (in the event tag), false (0) will return message body (event tag) and subject (subject tag).

Also, the documentation for the 'selecttype' value in the 'getevents' method should really read:

[scalar](required) Determines how you want to specify what part of the journal to download. Valid values are "day" to download one entire day, "lastn" to get the most recent number of entries (n is specified in the howmany field), "one" to download just one specific entry, or "syncitems" to get some number of items (which the server decides) that have changed since a given time (specified in the lastsync parameter). Not that because the server decides what items to send, you may or may not be getting everything that's changed. You should use the "syncitems" selecttype in conjuntion with the syncitems protocol mode.

Without the quotes it's a bit confusing.

One final thing, all the values are described as 'scalar', despite the fact that XMLRPC has a number of data types that are implemented within Live Journal. I would kindly request that the data type expected be included in the documentation, unless it's not important, in which case forget I asked :)
Silence is golden

(no subject)

I am writing a widget for Konfabulator (mac app). The purpose of this widget is to watch my friend's groups and notify me when there has been an update to a group. Because all Macs running OSX have curl I have decided this will be my medium to grab information about wheather the friends group has been updated.

This code works for getting the generic friends list from the command line in Terminal.

curl http://www.livejournal.com/interface/flat -s -A MacOSX%2DKonfabulator%20Widget%2F1%2E0%2E4 --connect-timeout 10 -b ljfastserver=1 -d mode=checkfriends -d user=[username] -d password=[password]

According to the documentation in order to look at a specific group all i need do is add the "mask" option with an unsigned int as it's value to bring up the group(as in my example below).

curl http://www.livejournal.com/interface/flat -s -A MacOSX%2DKonfabulator%20Widget%2F1%2E0%2E4 --connect-timeout 10 -b ljfastserver=1 -d mode=checkfriends -d user=username -d password=password -d mask=1

I would expect this second command to get me the last updated journal entry in group number 1 this sadly is not the case. What am I doing wrong?