December 24th, 2004

WSDL file?

Does anyone know if there is a WSDL file for the Live Journal XML-RPC Interface?

I'm looking for a URL similar to this example:

Thank you. :)
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XMLRPC, Newbie take 2: Login returns odd fault

I've switched over to using the OS's built in XMLRPC deliver mechanism.

This has allowed me to successfully make a call to getChallenge.

Using the return data I've tried a login. This is returning a strange error:

"FaultCode" = -1; 
"FaultString" = "Can't use string (\"0\") as a HASH ref while \"strict refs\" in 
    use at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ line 2359.\n"; 

The code I'm trying is below. Please note, it is Cocoa for OSX.

Any advice would be warmly welcomed...


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