December 25th, 2004

login and post. please, HELP!

Hi by all! Help me please!
I write the program - client to Prompt how to realize only two functions: login to server and post message! I read the documentation, but there absolutely nothing it is clear!!! Please, prompt, as it to realize, is desirable on visual basic or delphi.

I apologize for bad English... I from Russia.
Beforehand thank. Dmitry Baranow []
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Perl/Tk LJ client.

Basic posting client... User security levels, moods, post to communities, thats about it. Adding moods and user pics should be fairly trivial.

Uses the XMLRPC::Lite module for network stuff, Tk and Tk::DialogBox for the GUI. Code isn't terribly well commented, but it should be fairly straightforward(for Perl). There may be some stub comments or code left in there for currently unimplemented features, but they won't affect the features that are functional.

Note the license data in the beginning of the code. There are three licenses that may apply, depending on what you want to do. For complete reimplementation of the design with original code(such as porting to another language), I only ask a credit to my original design be given. For actual use of the full code, or a substantial portion, its GPL. For use of a small portion(10% unchanged, 20% significantly altered), its BSD. If none of these situations apply, or you want a different license to apply to your use, contact me for guidance/request for a special license- I will generally be open to most open source uses, but proprietary uses, or uses that don't credit my work, I will probably not be open to those.

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