May 14th, 2005

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Hi, guys,

Question: is there an easy way to read user's public entries without supplying
authentication (getevents requires password to be transmitted)?
Lets say, I want to fetch my friend's journal entries for a year ago.
Is there any way to do it by something that's not pure HTML parsing?


What is the XML for 'props'

Hello all,
I am creating my first client and have decided to use the XMLRPC method. I've got tne regular posting sorted but I haven't managed to decipher the expected XML for posting moods. From the documentation I see I need an array, with a struct, some keys and presumably some data, but I don't know quite how that is supposed to be put together in xml. Can some one show me an example of the XML that the server is expect for the 'props' item of postevent.

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