June 28th, 2005


persistent client login / selective updating?

I'm trying to hack together a little Perl script to do mass tag updates, and would like to get it to work without having to go through the challenge/response bit for every single update (or at least every 60s). But the 'login' response doesn't set a cookie, so I can't use the cookie method to log in after that... is there any way to use challenge/response to log in once, and have it set a cookie for subsequent logins? Or is there another method that would give me a cookie?

On another note, as the client/server docs don't have much on tags yet, is there any way to get and/or update -just- the tags of a specific entry, without having to grab or send back the entire entry along with it? Since export.bml doesn't give you the tags, I have to grab the whole entry to update the tags list, which is a bit of a waste (suppose there's always 'truncate 4'..). And, as I've confirmed on a tests entry, sending just the taglist w/o the event & everything else will delete the entry- any way around that, or is it always necessary to re-send everything?