October 12th, 2006

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ljKlient 0.0.4

Hi there!

I’m fairly new to this community, and haven’t even posted yet as far as I can remember, but here’s the deal.

I’ve been a Windows user for most of my modern-computer time, and I really really enjoy Semagic — however, I also like to spend time in Linux, more specifically in KDE, and I found that there are no Qt/KDE LiveJournal clients (well, there are but very few, and none of them in any of the distributions as far as I could see, and, most importantly, none of them are maintained).  I don’t personally like the feel of Gtk2/Gnome, so I prefer to avoid LogJam (although it is a quite well written piece, congratulations :D).  So in the end, I craved for some coding and decided to dig into the world of Qt and KDE for the first time of my life last Saturday.

Didn’t take me too long to decide to avoid C++ like plague for another while :D

So in the end… ljKlient was born, written in Python, a language I had known exactly nothing about a week ago.  I’m currently at a release where I believe that for the very basic uses, the software is useable and as such releasable: you can post with the current, local time, into your own journal, public, private or friends-only posts, allow or disallow comments, set a subject.

Check it out :)  Requires pyKDE (and as such, pyQt), and of course every dependency of that.

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