November 20th, 2006

kde, ljklient, python, qt

ljKlient 0.0.10

ljKlient version 0.0.10 is now ready for download!

Current features:

  • Posting, with subject.
  • Posting to journals you have write access to.
  • Current mood (custom moods too), current music, post tags.
  • Post options: allow/disallow comments, post security, comment screening.
  • User pictures: sorted by title, also displaying the pictures themselves.
  • Current Mood
    accomplished accomplished
jim doesnt complain

Woes of a Mac user.

I saw a [somewhat] recent entry about deleting all entires. However, I'd like to make all my entries private and the solutions that were commented on that post only seem to be for PCs. please correct me if i am wrong.

but ugh, please, a client that will do that for macs?

p.s. i use Safari.