November 30th, 2006

Hungry snail!

Hidejournal friends only...


I compiled the rather funky HideJournal into a native exe for windows. ( )

The program wasn't written by me, and was written before LJ started using tags. So now when it's converting everything to friends-only it's stripping out the tags of peoples posts.
I want to attempt to add the bits of code in to it to retain all the tags. The problem was, I visited to find out how to use the protocol interface, and was then pointed towards for the details.

Um, there are no details!

Could someone nice please point me towards documentation for loading, editing and saving posts, which is updated to include tags?


(Please give it a digg or two)

I read this communities information, and found a link : ttp:// yay!... now to work on the Tag code... I wish they weren't variable lenths.