February 1st, 2007

kde, ljklient, python, qt

ljKlient 0.1.67

Decided to go with a new scheme, and odd numbers now mean development snapshots; and here the third number is the SVN revision number (think about “build” numbers in other software), while even numbered versions (0.2.x for example) will be more “stable”.  Not that 0.1 weren’t stable :)

So anyway, it’s released today, so you have something to play with.  I kinda consider 0.0.11 a more “stable” one, though!  New features:

  • Menus and an About window! :D
  • Status bar with helpful text!
  • Current location input line!
  • Manual time entry and backdate function!

And under the hood, a much better design, a much better kdeui handling, and a much more readable code altogether.  And many fixes to weird ideas of past.

You can, as always, download it at SourceForge.net, and as usual, you require Python 2.4 and PyKDE 3.1x (aptitude install python-kde3).

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