February 14th, 2007


LJ Sec - help needed!

Hi all, I'm in need of your help!

I've just used LJ Sec to convert all of my posts to friends-only, and while it was a straightforward process none of my entries now show up on my friends own friends pages, if you follow me, so they won't know if I've updated unless they visit my journal page directly. Has anyone else had this problem, or knows how to sort it out? I haven't been able to find any mention of this happening in the program's help file or ljsec.

I've even tried creating a custom friends group and coverting all of my entries to that custom group, but the same problem persists.

Any help greatly appreciated!


The other day, I tried to interface to the preview page of LiveJournal (/preview/event.bml), and found that while it accepts my client, it does only display the subject and the event, nothing more — no date (if I use update.bml, it will display the date, though), no props (neither with update.bml), no nothing.  Also it has no support for <lj-cut>, which would be one of the most important features for a preview.

Obviously, I should make my own preview, but that has a couple issues:

  1. It’ll never look like the user’s page (every style differs, so downloading one from the preview page and extending it with my functionality is a dead end)
  2. It’s not what the site creates, therefore not as reliable as would be an on-line preview.

As a funny addition to these, update.bml has a couple parameters different from flat, such as the dates (year vs. date_dmy_yyyy) or the preformatted parameter (prop_opt_preformatted vs. event_format), while the others are the same — the preview page accepts the Flat-compatible names (prop_opt_preformatted — which is pretty much the only prop that works, and usejournal and pickw works too), and I totally couldn’t see where these things get converted.  Anyway, it’s kinda funny.

Any crew-like person with any idea? :)

PS: psst, 0.1.86 is out with folded taglist menu and the aforementioned preview.  It’s sexier than ever!

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