July 29th, 2007

  • kake26

Mobile posting

Hi everyone,

I'm adding a post here about something that I recently created. You see while clients exist for my plam Treo 700P none of them really worked right, especially the java based ones. It also seems that the wap clients listed on the clients page resulted in a 404 or where not able to be located. As a result I came up with something really neat I wrote a PHP and XHTML based gateway to allow me to post from my Treo. The best part of it is I've released the source code under the GPL v3 for anyone to use. I've built this client to work with my treo and a blackberry 8830. It should work on all Treos and most blackberrys, as well as any modern smart phone or pda that can interpret XHTML. I've listed the requirements for it to run below. I hope this helps some you looking to build something similar, it gives you an idea of how it can be done.


PHP4 or PHP5

Click here for the source code