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bloglines-style client for reading LJ [Apr. 25th, 2006|10:22 am]
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I want to be able to read locked posts in bloglines, and I want bloglines to support cut tags. Neither of these things are ever going to happen, so I'm thinking what I really need is a client for reading LJ that formats my friends list like bloglines does.

I don't believe such a thing exists. In fact, I don't see any clients for reading LJ, only for posting -- am I wrong?

I'm considering writing a Firefox plugin. You'd choose "open friends list" from a menu item, and it would open a new tab/window and display your friends list formatted in frames like bloglines does. Items would be able to be "kept new" (which I believe means I wouldn't be able to use greasemonkey, because I'd have to go make requests directly to LJ, not just reformat the existing presentation of the friendlist).

Am I off track at all? Any suggestions?

Thanks all!

[User Picture]From: jphekman
2006-04-25 07:37 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Can it allow me to do the following?

* Not show me posts that I've already seen (default friendslist just shows me a bunch of recent things even if I've already read them)

* Let me mark a post that I've already seen as "save" and continue to show it to me until I unmark it

* Update by itself, without my having to hit reload

* Have two frames, one with a set of folders which I can open to show a list of friends that I've sorted into that folder, one with just the content of the post I'm currently viewing

? If so then that does seem to be the way to go. Maybe I should go read doc on that...
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