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URL formatting [Aug. 27th, 2006|01:09 am]
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Is there a way to format a URL for a friends page so that protected(friends-only) entries can be viewed? I suspect there are some sort of GET variables to set so that the server can log you in before you view the page, but I can't find any documentation about it. I read through the backlogs of lj_client for about an hour, too, and couldn't find anything ;) For the moment, my client uses a Gecko WebControl widget to show the user's own journal as well as their friends page. Is there a way to do the same with an rss feed? (that is, include protected entries in it). Thanks :)

[User Picture]From: boggyb
2006-08-27 02:26 pm (UTC)
There's a getcookie or getsession command in the flat protocol that might do what you want (give you a session cookie to use on the site), however I've not managed to get it to work myself (though I think that's more due to WinHTTP being stubborn).
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From: ex_swined
2006-08-30 03:37 am (UTC)
there is sessiongenerate, but it doesn't work - it seems to me, that something else should be sent there, but i dont know what :(
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