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OdMirror 1.0 released [Jan. 10th, 2002|01:36 am]
LiveJournal Client Discussions
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OdMirror is a utility to ease porting Open Diary or Open Diary Plus-based journals to LiveJournal, or maintain the two in parallel. (It takes an Open Diary export file and posts copies of each entry in it to a parallel LiveJournal account).

It is currently written against Microsoft.NET beta 2, and will be updated to the release version as soon as a) it's released and b) I have it.

More details in this entry of mine. Unfortunately, I'm afraid due to my limited bandwidth quota I can't give out the URL for the big version to anyone except for my original "customers", unless someone has 17MB of free web space lying around...

[User Picture]From: fuchs
2002-01-10 03:02 am (UTC)
I might give away space on my university account. So, if you are interested, just let me know.
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From: ex_cerebrate131
2002-01-10 07:59 am (UTC)


Yes, I'm very interested, if you'd lend me the space.

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From: ex_cerebrate131
2002-01-10 08:01 am (UTC)


BTW, if you're also the person who requested ICQ authorisation from me a few minutes ago with a similar offer, sorry about that! ICQ has a nasty habit of crashing on my system, and when it did it not only lost my authorisation request, but didn't log your number so I can't make it again.
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[User Picture]From: macheide
2002-01-17 01:08 pm (UTC)


Sorry, hadn't seen this note here until just now. I'm one of the support volunteers here at LJ, but am speaking solely on my own behalf, not anything "official" LJ; but I have webspace you can use for this, either along with other offers you have or on its own. Reach me in response to this note or via macheide@livejournal.com if you're still interested.
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