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A new LiveJournal client released

Hi All,

Our company has recently released a new version of a LiveJournal client, called FotoTagger, that enables you to label a digital image (a photo, for example) on a local computer and then publish it to a LiveJournal account.

These labels can include identification notes, comments, remarks, links to Web resources that contain additional information, or whatsoever. So if you need to memorize something captured on a photo, I think it's a really great tool. Usually we write captions and explanations next to images meaning this information is disjointed from the image it describes.

Since FotoTagger provides an ability to integrate an image and a text, the comments are always stored with the photo as a single entity. They cannot be lost when sharing or moving a file. On the other hand, the pictures are not spoiled with the comments because they could be hidden in a click so a pure original photo is available at any time.

Once an image is annotated, it can be published to LiveJournal in a few clicks directly from the FotoTagger interface. Moreover, an ability to hide/show annotation labels is available to you so your readers can decide whether or not the annotations should be shown.

This is an example how photos annotated with FotoTagger can look aftyer uploading to LJ:

You can download FotoTagger for free from

Please feel free to try it and share your thoughts. We need your feedback, it helps us improve and add new features that you might want.

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