The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote in lj_clients,
The Love Bug

Ability to actually login whilst sending authentication information.

As part of my LJ client, users have been asking for the facility to be able to view their logged-in friends page within the client. If this was on a desktop system, all you'd have to do is login through your web browser, and embed a browser window within your client.... but it isn't.

Is there a way to set a cookie on the response of your login (perhaps by calling the webpage mode=login&user=thelovebug&password=thisisnotmypassword and thus receiving the cookie), or getting your logged-in view by sending the username and password as parameters to the customview.cgi (i.e. username=thelovebug&styleid=39452&password=thisisnotmypassword)

I'd appreciate any comments.
Thanks :-)
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