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Get events by tag

So I've spent the past few days making sense of the XMLRPC interface and have a good handle on how to get most info I'm looking for. However, there's a basic idea that I can't seem to find an elegant solution for: How do I get just the events that have a given tag?

As it stands, the only way I can figure out how to do this is to get all the events, and the tromp through the meta data to find matching tag info. Is there no easier way?

Additionally, I stumbled across the getusertags method via a google search while researching this problem, and took a stab at using it and it seems to work, but is there any formal documentation for this method somewhere else? The current documentation doesn't have this method, and I'm wondering how to properly use it and also if there's other methods that exist but that have no documentation.

Thanks from a newb!

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