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Converting to friends-only [Jan. 25th, 2007|01:51 am]
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Is there an easy-to-use (for the layperson) client that converts all posts to private?

I'm trying to convert my account to friends-only, retroactively. Seems pretty impossible.

Also, does anyone know how long it takes Google's cache to expire?

Yeah. That's about the shape of it. I didn't realize google indexed LJ. Go me. Let's hope my prof doesn't google his own name too often.

From: eyeh8u
2007-01-25 10:26 am (UTC)
I used LJ Sec, on the 6th of January to do exactly that.

Painless, fast, all done. Loads of control over exactly what it does.
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[User Picture]From: arcana_mundi
2007-01-25 01:12 pm (UTC)
Fantastic - thanks!
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